Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Wonderland of Toys

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You know the saying, it is better late than never so here's a LATE post on the workshop by ACT 3 International that the three older kiddos got to attend last month! The last time the kiddos attended their workshop was 2 years back, when they went for Jelly, Wobble!, but whatever they had experienced back then, they could still remember vividly, and they were so looking forward to attending A Wonderland of Toys!

This time round, the kiddos had a better idea of what to expect during the entire programme, which included a crafting workshop where they got to learn how to make their fanciful costumes, a drama workshop which got them to move their bodies like the various toys and lastly a singing and dancing workshop which prepared them for the grand finale! I must say that the staff were all super enthusiastic and that really set the mood and feel for the parade!

So basically we parents just need to leave the kiddos to the care of the wonderful staff and return to the place 30mins before the end to catch a great performance put up by them! It is simply amazing how such the little ones can put up such a great show with just over 2 hours of preparation! And the most important part would be that they thorough;y enjoyed doing what they did! I am definitely looking forward to sending the kiddos to the next programme, and hopefully little Louie will be able to join in the fun by then!

Thank you ACT 3 International, for having the kiddos over for this fun workshop!

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