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Perth Adventure - Full Day Pinnacles, Koalas & Sand Boarding 4WD Adventure

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I am hazarding a guess that this is probably the tour company's best-selling tour, or the one that started it all since the company is named ADAMS Pinnacle Tours! Mother Nature sure can conjure up some incredible works and having read about the Pinnacles, we were sure already looking forward to it even setting foot on Australia!

This time round we went up North and took the Great Ocean Highway. But before that, we paid Caversham Wildlife Park a visit and were treated to a quick guided tour to pay three different local residents, the kangaroos, koalas and wombats a visit. Here, one can get up close to these cute furry marsupials, but because we had a long journey ahead, we was only able to spend a short time here. It did however gave us an idea of what to expect in the park and I must say that it is definitely worth a second longer visit!

En route to the Pinnacles, we stopped by a restroom that was just by the great Indian Ocean and the views were simply amazing. But too bad Stacci got cranky and refused to take any photos. Following that, it took us quite a while before we reached the fishing town of Cervantes in time for lunch.

The folks in town concentrated on catching only one particular crustacean, the Australian Rock Lobsters, or yabbies as some locals call them. We were each provided with audio equipment that played pre-recorded commentaries in various different languages explaining what goes on behind the scenes and proceeded on a self-guided tour of the storage and packing facilities. There was even a special channel for kids and that kept Stacci really engaged!

The Lobster Shack here serves about the freshest seafood one can find, besides sashimi of course. Our lunch consisting of a Fish and Chip set which was provided for in the tour, but I upgraded mine to a Lobster and Chip set for an extra AUS$25 and it was totally worth it. The succulent and delicious half-lobster required no additional additives or sauces, for it was already full of flavors on its own! Be warned though, they give you so much chips on the side that we had to pack back almost a plastic bag full of uneaten chips between the two of us!

It was cool but bright and sunny as we made our way to The Pinnacles. The cool breeze may lull you into underestimating the damaging UV rays, thus be sure to slap on some sunscreen protection! Our guide gave us a very enthusiastic and detailed explanation on how the calcification process came about and the moment we laid our eyes at the vast expanse of the natural structures, we all went wow!

I had initially thought that the 4WD component of the tour referred to us riding some quad bikes on the sand dunes only to realize later that it was actually our bus driver taking us on a ride on the coach itself in Lancelin! The going up and down the dunes in our ride was still exciting nevertheless and elicited some screams from the ladies!

It is probably a good idea to get some exercise after our hearty lunches earlier and we had a great deal of fun working our muscles sand boarding down the sand dunes! We were each issued a sand board which we proceeded to wax and carry up the dunes. The slide down was definitely awesome, it is the climbing up of the dune that is the killer. Stacci and myself went 4 times and we were totally "wasted" after that! This particular tour is definitely a good mix of wildlife, scenery, seafood and adventure all packed in a day! Check out the tour details here!

This post is part two of our Perth adventure and brought to you in collaboration with ADAMS Pinnacle Tours! One more day trip review coming up!

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