Thursday, June 22, 2017

Perth Adventure - Full Day Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

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We departed the city once again and moved south in search of some giants! It was a rather long drive before we reach the quaint town of Donnybrook known for its apples, and stopped for our morning coffee at the Big Apple café. This was also where our driver and guide picked up our picnic lunch too.

The first giant we got to meet was the Diamond tree in Manjimup. This living giant had steel poles hammered into its trunk to be used as steps that goes spiralling up all the way to the top. It was previously used by fire-fighters as a lookout where they can better coordinate the movements of their colleagues on the ground in their fight against any forest fires. Obviously in this age and time, helicopters are being utilized and the tree had since been turned into a tourist attraction. The brave ones can climb up all the way and be rewarded with the breath-taking views on top. But I must say that it is dangerous for the younger ones because the gaps between the steps can be quite wide apart and any missteps would prove fatal.

The view from halfway. I would have gone all the way up if not for the other climbers who wanted to come down.

We had our lunch at the base of this magnificent tree. Would be perfect if we could spend more time to savour the delicious sandwiches and pastries with our hot drinks in this great cool weather. But having to make our long return trip back to the city meant we could only linger this long before moving on to find the "Tingle" giants (Eucalyptus jacksonii) in the "Valley Of The Giants". Here, one can have a good look at the huge trees in the tree top walk, and also walk through the unique trunk structures of these old trees!

They said you could see grandma's face on this tree. Can you?
Next up we stopped by Williams Bay for a quick scenic view of the coastline before reaching Kojonup, and headed straight to The Kodja Place for our late dinner (which was pre-ordered at own cost). It was only through the tour agency that we were able to have the entire place to ourselves, way pass their operating hours. Following our dinner, we had a very intimate storytelling session by Jack, who shared with all of us the aboriginal history, and basically his life story with us.

Stacci with Uncle Jack!
This tour would be great for those who loves nature and the majestic giant trees but be prepared for long travelling distances of over 950km return, which meant that a lot of time is spent on the coach. The lunch, which consisted of an assortment of sandwiches and pastries were absolutely delicious. The only thing I would have wished for, would be more time at the places of interest so that I can take more photos! Check out more on the tour here.

This post the final post of our collaboration with ADAMS Pinnacle Tours. Thank you so much for accommodating the two of us and we had a great time in Perth!

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