Thursday, June 1, 2017

Gifts for Dads

I am a father but not only that, I want to be a dad to all my kiddos. I want every day to be “Father’s Day” and not only on a particular Saturday Sunday in June (18 June this year). The company of my loved ones supersedes any material gifts, and my wife takes really good care of all my needs anyway. But if you had to buy something for the man of the house because you cannot celebrate with him, or if you just wanted to show more appreciation for your old man no matter what, let me give you some ideas! Bishan Junction 8  is a favourite place frequented by our family for its wide range of retail and F&B outlets, and it happens to be near our residence too! The following highlighted shops are just some of the MANY outlets at the mall, with some items or services that I would not mind having for MYSELF as well!

I had only been wearing leather sandals from this outlet ever since my wife bought my first pair from them, and then the second and third. You can also find a wide range of leather products such as wallets, belts as well as bags for all occasions, without the loud brand or logo (which I hated)embossed over. Do note that the leather bags sold here are usually one piece per design so you better grab what you like, and do check out their on-going sales too! 

Love all things Japanese? Well, this shop reminds me a little of Daiso and Muji, but the outlet promises of affordable prices without compromising quality. Items here are more expensive than the $2 per item at some other places, but I guess there is only that much quality possible that price range too. In any case, you can find a whole range of household products, as well as cosmetics here. I checked, and I wouldn't mind receiving a portable charger, notebooks and socks all for under $50!

My wife is also into Korean dramas these days and I think she wouldn't mind me looking like any of the leading actors! Apparently all the senior stylists gets trained in Korea and the hair studio chain is doing pretty well here with their 3 outlets at various malls. Prices range from $33 for a local senior stylist to $58 for a Korean director cut. So if your daddy is as thrifty like me, maybe you can treat him to some pampering and watch him walk out with a brand new look! And you are feeling generous, you can throw in some hair color or highlights too!

Walked past this lifestyle shop too and cannot help but walk into it to have a look after catching sight of some nice-looking Anello bags on the wall. There are lots of quirky gifts such as saving banks and clocks that would brighten up the house. Oh, this also happened to be a brand new retailer at the mall and they will be having its grand opening on 09 June 2017 with free gift for customers with $60 spending and above.

The outlet stocks a wide range of sunglasses as well as frames and they are also having sales on a wide range of contact lenses now as well. Was having a chat with the management about how our current lifestyle of increased usage of smartphones and tablets, had led to early eyesight deterioration for many. Singaporeans often neglect the importance of good eye care and also fail to go for regular eye check-ups. We should never take our sight for granted, but if we already needed to wear glasses or contact lenses, be assured that only good quality lenses are sold here and your eyesight is never further compromised. You can bring your old man for a check-up and a new pair of frames, or that trendy pair of sunglasses for UV protection too.

As a daddy, my wish is always for the family to be happy and just knowing that I am being appreciate is more than enough. A good meal with the family is more than enough for father's day for me. I definitely love Thai cuisine along with a nice cup of Thai milk tea too. This café offers affordable  value meal below $10, and the décor is pretty cool too, with the Tuk Tuk being the centrepiece. So feel Thai, eat and drink Thai in the heart of Singapore, right here in Bishan!

This blogpost is brought to you in collaboration with Junction 8!

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