Monday, June 26, 2017

LEGO City Jungle Halftrack Mission @ 60159

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Would have expected LEGO City series to be about the city right? But this set seems to be about the jungle exploration and definitely had some "Indian Jones" influence. As usual, Leroy had been eyeing the set since it was delivered a while back but was only allowed to fix it up recently when we finally had the time!

This 378-piece set was a breeze for Leroy to build. However it was the first time he encountered the special plastic tracks and he needed a little explanation from me on how it worked. Other than that, it barely took him 30-45 mins to complete the set, inclusive of the time he spent asking his siblings not to disturb!

Glad that set consisted of two vehicles in total, which meant that even Louie can join in the play and Stacci also wasted no time in claiming that the female explorer wa hers! It was a definitely a fun build and a great addition to their growing LEGO toys! Thank you for sending the kiddos love LEGO Singapore!

In case you are not aware yet, there are on-going Piece of Peace mini exhibitions at the following malls that will lead to the main Piece of Peace event that will run from July 27 to Sept 3 at the Fort Canning Arts Centre.

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