Thursday, October 26, 2017

Brick or Treat 2017

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I had to purposely take leave to bring the kiddos to LEGOLAND Malaysia because they had been missing the rides they loved for quite a while. Stacci was so looking forward shooting her powers in LEGO NINJAGO The Ride while the two older ones cannot wait to take their rollercoaster rides too! So off we went for a weekend of LEGO fun!

Spook-Tacular Costume Contest (14/15 Oct and 20/21 Oct)

“Pa pa, why do they choose who laughs the scariest? And then proceed to choose the one who screamed and make people laugh?” Kids sometimes asks the hardest question. I knew for a fact that the contest was a light-hearted one, more or less to drum up excitement for the crowd and to give all the kids who dressed up, a good time but there are winners and for judges to choose winners based on who screams the loudest for the Spook-Tacular Costume Contest was a just a little tad hard for me to explain to the kiddos. In any case, Leroy was still had his little limelight that night as he was shortlisted as one of the top 10, but too bad he didn’t had the last “laugh” even though he was really in his element as Spider Boy.

Sensing the disappointment in them, we were determined to do a little better by returning for another night. We knew why Stacci wasn’t selected the first night even though she was dressed in my masterpiece self-made Wonder Woman costume, because she was kind of terrified and even teared. But it was heartening to hear from her that she was determine to give it another try in her Spider Girl costume and even did a split on stage on the second night. Steffi also got into her elaborate Iron Patriot suit which drew gasps from many as she strutted her stuff. This time all the three kiddos made the cut for the top 10 on the last night and went up for round two. Who would’ve thought that the winner selection criteria changed to whoever danced the best this time? So while the rest of the others danced freely in their costumes, my Steffi struggled with her full suit, while Leroy and Stacci had to deal with badly fogged masks. Finally when the emcee asked who should be the winner for the Costume Contest, even fellow contestants were cheering for Steffi, but ultimately it went to someone else.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, especially having to lug the costume over the causeway via transport with the kiddos. I felt that I had somewhat failed the kiddos too, but my main grouse would really have to be how little weightage was given to the costume part. I did try to console the kiddos (and myself) that perhaps they were not spooky but then again superheroes had always been one of the genre for Halloween dress-ups right? Having said all that, it is never easy to play judge and they had their own reasons for their choices, though I did end up imparting some very good life lessons to the kids, such as the following –

  1. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.
  2. It is always important to be prepared, but even more so to expect the unexpected.
  3. One needs to be confident but even more important to have humility to accept defeat.
  4. Disappointment is inevitable in life, one needs to learn how to bounce back and come back stronger.

So Why Visit?

Barring the little episode that we encountered above, Halloween period is still one of the best times to visit LEGOLAND Malaysia because of the great savings and awesome treats that the family will get to enjoy. Let me share with you why –

1) Free child (3-11) Admission – This is the most important. Dress up your children and bring them to the ticketing window to redeem complimentary tickets for them! What’s Halloween without dressing up?
2) Spooky Trail – Go up to the booth no. 1 right after you enter to collect a brochure (only for kids). Proceed to LEGO Kingdom area to get the remaining 5 stamps and redeem a goodie bag at booth number 6 near the stage. Lots of useful stuff like coloring set, pencil, notebook as well as crackers and Hariboo gummies!

When was the last time you visited LEGOLAND Malaysia? If you are planning for a visit any soon, I would really suggest that you pop by before the Halloween festivities end on 29 Oct. It is totally worth it if you are coming in with many kiddos, like me!

Thank you for having us over for the event LEGOLAND Malaysia and we still love you very much! We will try to come back for our revenge next year! For the rest of you, there is one more week of celebrations remaining for your kids to take part in the Spooky Trail, so check out for more details!

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