Friday, October 6, 2017

PastaMania Kid's Meal

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Sometimes I really dunno how other people’s kids seem to eat everything, whereas mine for some reasons, seems to thrive solely on play, air and maybe soda water. I had tried to get them to eat more but to no avail unfortunately. They are never adventurous when it comes to food, but I do wonder if some cute kids’ meal would be able to whet up their appetites?

We went to PastaMania recently to check out their recent collaboration with the famous Little Miss Bento, whose creations are often too cute to be eaten. They had launched four beautiful sets for kiddos not too long ago, that were meant to entice and encourage the young ones to enjoy their meals!

So we tried out the 4 different kids’ meals (which comes with a cup of hot/chilled Milo) as follows –

Snowball (Mac & Cheese) - $12.90

Baked with love and lots of cheesy goodness between layers of penne, Snowball is the resident bunny who lives atop the Kids’ Meal Mac and Cheese – she loves her greens and is always excited to greet you!

Meows (Beef Bolognese / Chicken Bolognese) - $9.90

Choose between PastaMania’s all-time favourite beef Bolognese, or juicy minced chicken in PastaMania’s traditional homemade sauce, a favourite of Meows’, who loves playing games with his friends. Tasty and often adding a pop of colour, tomatoes are a nutrient-dense superfood rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, manganese and Vitamin E – giving your little one a boost of energy.

Paw Paw (Meatballs/Chicken Cheese Salsiccia) - $12.90

Paw-fectly cooked, Paw Paw is served up with flame-grilled beef meatballs or cheesy chicken sausages, a huge hit with its flavorful pasta coated in a tomato herb sauce and an adorable face to boot.

Sunny (Al Funghi/Cheesy Ham Pasta) - $9.90

Sunny days are here to stay, so come out and play with Sunny and take your pick between two choices: Al Funghi – sliced shiitake mushrooms in smooth creamy sauce or Cheesy Ham Pasta – chicken ham in homemade cheese sauce topped with parmesan, accompanied with waffle potatoes to top it off!

So did the new meals encourage my kiddos to eat more? For a start, they were definitely excited when they first saw the beautifully plated sets, but slowly they still picked out the stuff they didn’t love, like the carrots and olive slices. Of course yours truly tried all the sets too, and I must add that they were as tasty as they looked BUT my kiddos did not eat as much as I would have wanted them to! Must be our problem lah, but these sets are definitely "Instagrammable" food for sure, and I would consider them reasonably-priced too for the portions served as well.

Go try it out when you are at PastaMania with your kiddos and thank you for having us PastaMania! You can easily check where is the nearest PastaMania outlet for you here !

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