Tuesday, October 17, 2017

D-Link Powerline AV2 1000 Wireless AC1200 Starter Kit

[Product Review]

The positioning of your home router is of paramount importance to ensure good WiFi coverage and we all know it is always good to have it in the centre of the house since its reach is in a 360° radius. However this is not exactly possible due to many reasons, such as your home décor, structural constraints or power point location. For my case, my living room is in a longish configuration but my router is fixed nearest to the door because the fibre line can only terminate at that point unless I fork out extra money to have it lengthened into the living room.

Previously the wife was complaining that the WiFi signal in our room was quite weak and even YouTube streaming was really slow at times. We tried D-Link WiFI Range Extender last year and it did pretty well. This standalone extender works by pulling the WiFi signals from my WiFi router and broadcasting it further at the direction of my choice. It definitely works well if the conditions are good, as my missus do find a slight difference in the strength of the signal within our room, with the door opened or closed.

This time round, we got to try out the D-Link Powerline AV2 1000 Wireless AC1200 which is essentially a set of device that uses your electrical wiring as conduits for your WiFi. Installation is pretty much idiot-proof and took me only a couple of minutes to fix it up. All I needed to do, was to plug the DHP-P610AV into a power point and connect it directly to my router using the Ethernet cable provided, followed by plugging in the DHP-W610AV into any of the power points in the room I want the WiFi to be! Finally I just needed to follow the easy first-time configuration setup in the instruction manual and we were good to go!

The joke when I plugged in the DHP-P610AV was that I was still thinking of where the hell I was supposed to find an additional power point for my other equipments! See, it is has a pass through socket leh! I only needed to connect the Ethernet onto the device.

I only needed a couple of these DHP-W610AV to ensure every room in the house has fast WiFi! Easy right?
I had been using the Powerline for a couple of weeks now and I am truly amazed with the uploading and downloading speeds in my room. I do process quite a lot of photos regularly and rely on cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox so I can firmly say that viewing, uploading and downloading of files in my room had never been faster. This is easily the best solution for bad WiFi coverage at home for us, and requires no extra wiring etc. Its performance surpasses any range extenders because no physical obstruction matters, as long as the area you want covered, has a power point installed. Sometimes I will notice that the speed drops, but that was only because I was still connected to the powerline in the room when I got out of it!

I will be getting the keys to my new house quite soon and initially I was kind of worried of what I needed to do to ensure that my house will have proper WiFi coverage throughout. Now that I have tried and tested the D-Link Powerline, I know for a fact that I need not worry about this anymore and that I can place my router anywhere I want, as long as it is near a power point! Have you been suffering silently from poor WiFi connection within your house, and just been making do with whatever little speed you have in your rooms, or having to move your ass to right beside your router like me at times? Suffer no more, this is all you need and I guarantee it! Thank you so much for sending faster internet speed our way D-Link Singapore!

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