Monday, October 30, 2017

Chicken Little

[Media Invite]

Wow, it has already been 12 years since the animation Chicken Little was shown! I am quite sure most of us would have watched the movie at least once and know of the story right? When I told the kiddos we were going to catch Chicken Little musical by Singapore Repertory Theatre, they got excited and also nodded enthusiastically when I asked if they remembered the story. They had their own expectations of the show for sure, asking me how they were going to act out the scenes in the movie too!

Always amazing to see how just 5 talented artistes (Alyssa Lie, Dwayne Lau, Ann Lek, Natalie Yeap and Crenshaw Yeo) could sing, act and bring multiple characters in the story alive! Louie was pretty scared of the dark but as the performance went on, he went from closing his eyes to laughing out loud at the funny antics of the various characters. The older ones were able to catch the morale of the story, with Leroy even chipping in with his own interpretation "don't let your brothers and sisters make you unhappy!" when I asked him what he learnt! You have to check out this great show yourself, if the sky falling this time round, or was it an acorn? I myself was surprised to find out that Chicken Little (Alyssa Lie) was a girl.  


There are only 10am shows on weekdays, and two shows (am and pm) on weekends till 08 Dec 2017 only. For more information and booking, please check out this Sistic page.


We thoroughly enjoyed the morning Singapore Repertory Theatre and thank you for inviting our family for the review!

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