Sunday, October 19, 2014

eXplorerKid's "Baby & Junior Race 2014" [Media Invite]

Brought the three little rascals to eXplorerKid's "Baby & Junior Race 2014" at D’Marquee Downtown East a couple of weekends back and that was one day after we returned from a family trip to Japan. Surprisingly the kids didn't kick up a fuss when they had to wake up early!

The kiddos enjoying the show put up by Enzo and Kayla!
When I first read about the event, I had thought that it was some obstacle course that I had to take part together with the kiddos. I only realized that the “race” consisted of picking up pieces of some puzzles, and then running to the end and having the kid assemble the pieces according to the design we selected when we got there. Parent interaction were restricted to holding on to the plastic container for the pieces to be thrown in and giving instruction to their kids on how to piece them together.  And I had to go through this 3 times with Steffi, Leroy and Stacci!

Stacci having a go at decorating cookies! One of the few fringe activities at the venue.
Here's Steffi and Stacci with one of their masterpieces!
Knowing how “kiasu” parents can be, I wasn't surprised to see some of them spying on the pictures and giving specific instructions to their kids beforehand. Some even got the kids to try out the models first, which were available at one of the booths there. We were there to have fun only though, and were happy to be able to take part and stand a chance at winning the lucky draw. Hee hee… 

Photo op with Enzo and Kayla, the mascots of eXplorerkids!
Looks like Stacci was really happy to have finished the race!  Well done little one!
Perhaps it was to ensure that the program can progress smoothly and that logistics could be better managed with not too many categories, but personally I felt that lumping age 2.5 – 4 year olds and 5 – 8 year olds together may be a tad unfair for the younger ones within the category. The dexterity of a 2.5 year old and a 4 year old can be very different indeed.

My three winners at the race!
But nevertheless, what mattered most was that the kids got to enjoy the event and they did! The kiddos were treated to a show by Enzo and Kayla, as well as goodies like free ice-cream and candyfloss offered at the various booths, and they also got to play on the Megabounce, with tickets going on a discounted rate on that day only! Although all the 3 kids failed to win anything for the races, they were already winners in my heart!

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