Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leroy Ditched His Old Kiddo Water Bottle For A Thermos Sports Bottle [Product Review]

We were invited to a media preview when Thermos launched their new Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Bottles - FFG sport series in September and Leroy and Stacci tagged along. During that media preview, Leroy held a black and red colored thermos sports bottle briefly but kept asking if he could have it. Of course I told him that it was for display only.

The Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Bottles - FFG comes in both pink pastel and black with red designs, presumably for girls and boys respectively.
Leroy couldn't keep his hands off the bottle then.
Stacci also asked, "Daddy can I have the pink bottle too?"
However 2 weeks back, the folks from Thermos couriered one bottle for Leroy, and in time for his birthday as well! He was extremely happy to get his new bottle, but I can't say the same for his 2 other siblings who were feeling really jealous! Anyway Leroy is the only one among my kids (besides little Louie) who likes lukewarm plain water. The others loved their drinks cold, or prefers soft drinks. So the great thing about his new thermos flask is its ability to maintain his drinks at his preferred temperature.

Happy Leroy do not even mind carrying his new bottle everywhere now!
He would get warm water in school, while on our day out at play, it would contain ice cold Ribena drinks for the rest of his siblings as well. The bottle itself fits snugly into the insulation bag that comes with it and Leroy loves carrying it around as the colors and patterns actually reminded him of Spider-man.

I realized his bottle was a giant compared to his classmates' when I visited his childcare recently.  He has grown up already. 
There is also a safely lock that prevents accidental leaks and he has no problem handling it too. So now instead of the usual kiddo water bottle with a flexible plastic straw that he bring to school, Leroy had progressed to a sports bottle with a drinking spout now. It was extremely hard to ensure cleanliness of the plastic drinking straw of his old bottles but it is really easy to clean the stainless steel interior of his new sports bottle.  And most important of all, Leroy approves it!

The outer insulation can be removed for easy cleaning of the bottle.
There is a safety lock that prevents accidental opening of the bottle.  
The bottle top can be opened and it is really easy to clean the stainless steel interior.

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