Thursday, October 30, 2014

Port Of Lost Wonder - Spooky Jr. "Heros Unite" Halloween Party [Media Invite]

Get your tickets from the ticketing booth here! That is if you had not purchased them online yet.
With Halloween just round the corner, there were plenty of activities for the kiddos at every conceivable place. The kiddos were invited to Spooky Jr. "Heros Unite" party at Port Of Lost Wonder by our wonderful friends from Sentosa last Sat evening and despite my wife having to work on that day, I decided that fun shouldn't wait for the kiddos!

See how happy they were right from the start, when they received their welcome sweets!
Look who Leroy spotted?
And how can they miss a photo with the superheroes?
The kiddos were thrilled to be back at POLW but unfortunately for them, I reckoned that it is going to be too tricky to let them have water play (which was available during the event) and having to keep my eyes on them, plus having to deal with all 3 of their costumes, bathing and meals etc without my wife. Hee hee... But there were lots of fringe activities and challenges for the kids to take part!

Kids will have to navigate their way on their own through this "Tricky Maze"!
Here happy Leroy and a not so happy Stacci at the end of the maze!
At the "Slime Fight" and Leroy is showing his prowess here!
Leroy shooting down the monsters while Stacci needed a little help.
Here's Leroy trying out the "Monster Range", with help of course.
Stacci didn't miss the action too, although the bow and arrow were larger than her!
Cheeky Leroy photo-bombing Stacci!
Stand to win attractive prizes worth over $3,000 in total with your most creative costumes, and there are both individual and family categories. It was the highlight of the event and there were superheroes of all sizes at practically every nook and cranny in POLW and everyone wanted a piece of them (in their photos).

Leroy with his same-sized (well almost) superhero allies!  Cute kiddos of Mother Kao
Steffi and Leroy with Wolverine, another one of their favourites!
Here's my "Rocket Boy" Leroy the Rocketeer in full costume, hoping to earn his place in the heroes league.
Stacci the "Batgirl" was too tired to last through the night.  But the batteries in the other two were still running high!
It must be the sugar that kept them "high" and here's more candy floss!

Wow, they even had elixir at the party! 
The kids had fun mixing up their own concoction with their "Kor Kor", son of Dinomama
And they get to try out their own creation at the end of the play! Yummy drinks!
I cannot help but laugh at their funny photos taken at the photo booth!
Leroy was really into character and he continued flying even as we made our way out of Sentosa

The kids enjoyed defending the port from the invading monsters and meeting up with all the other kiddos from fellow blogging parents like the Sengkangbabies and the J Babies! Well, there’s still time if you and your kids want to join in the fun! For there is one last session from 6.30pm - 10pm on this coming Sat, 01 Nov 2014! Tickets are available at $39.90 (kid) and $10 (adult). Get your tickets here.

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