Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kindsville Party [Media Invite]

One of the fears for me as a daddy, is for my kids to grow up to horrible, selfish persons. That is why whenever I am presented the chance to explain and show them how one is expected to behave, I would.

As we always travel by bus or MRT, we are fortunate to be offered seats by friendly commuters on many occasions.  There would also be the extremely friendly commuters who offer to hold on to the kiddos or help them get on or off the buses or trains.  I will always make sure that the kids say thanks to the person who offered them seats or helped them in any ways.

But that's not all, I also ensure that they say thanks to the person who holds the lift for them or even when they were being complimented. I want my kids to understand from young, that these kind folks are not obliged to treat them the way they did.  I hope I am doing well so far.

We spotted the Kindness Cubbies from afar.
Stacci is usually quite scared of mascots but was really comfy with Sher!
Stacci with her cutie pose after meeting Sher!
Just last month, the wonderful folks from Singapore Kindness Movement threw a Kindsville party for school-aged children, and their families, who have written letters to Singa and the Kindness Cubbies and our family were kindly invited too. Who would say no to a party, especially one that's at Port Of the Lost Wonder in Sentosa? A place the family haven't been to yet, then. 

Steffi, Leroy and Stacci enjoying the slides and thrills at POLW, the water theme park. 
The kids of course enjoyed the water play but they were also treated to a series of fun-filled activities meant to foster friendship and to inculcate the idea of sharing. The kids were given two pieces of round paper to decorate and these were later made into badges. But the kids cannot have both badges and would have to drop one of them into a "Friendship Jar" to be given to a new friend. This simple act was meant to teach the kids to care and share. 

The fun activities awaiting the kiddos.
Leroy with his works of art before they were being made into badges!
Steffi with her very own personalized badge!
The "Friendship Jar" where all the badges meant for all the kid's new friends are kept.
There was also an activity that required them to go around the premise to search for answers to complete a quiz. But they also needed to make new friends so that they can write down the names and the strengths of their new found pals! Not exactly easy for my kids but I was glad that Steffi managed to overcome her shyness and even got a "Certificate of Friendship" after completion of the challenge!

What's a Kindsville party without a photo with Singa?
The "Certificate of Friendship" awarded to Steffi for completing the challenge.
COTTON CANDIES!!! Judging from the queue, it was everyone's favorite!!!
Our family enjoyed ourselves so much that we were the very last family to leave the place that day. But that's not before Steffi and Leroy completed their last activity for the day by making their own loom bands together with the staff from POLW and SKM.  I am absolutely sure that the kids are looking forward to the next Kindsville party!

The staff were still really patient with the kids even though we were the last to leave the party!  Here's a looming Steffi!
Even Leroy tried his hands on looming!

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