Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fun-filled Day In Sentosa (Luge and Wings Of Time)

We visited Sentosa island for the twice last week alone, for there were simply too many activities to be enjoyed in "The State of Fun" and one day is surely not enough! During the recent Deepavali holiday last week, we went to -

Skyline Luge - “Race to 10 Million” 

The kids had great company this time round! 
There hasn't been a better time to try Luge again, other than the month of Oct to Nov. Why? Because they are looking for the actual 10th million rider and if you are the lucky one, you will stand to win a 8 Days 7 Nights adventure for two to New Zealand worth S$13,000!  You may really want to check out the details of the promotion over here.

This is the box, the lucky box!!! Get a lucky draw form with every 10 luge and skyride ticket purchased in a single receipt! 
Maybe you may think that's difficult, so there's another way to win the same prize, and that's by taking part in the lucky draw when you purchase 10 Luge and Skyride tickets in a single receipt. (terms and conditions applies). So that's two ways for you to win that wonderful trip! I was imagining myself racing down the slope and being welcomed by two rows of Skyline staff on both sides but yours truly (and the whole family) failed to be the 10th million rider 2 weeks back. I think we might just give it a try again come mid-Nov!

Friendly staff are on hand to help you with the kids, if you brought any along.  No worries!
Happy Leroy on the skyride.  Do note that it is really kind of scary looking down when on the skyride.  One can often hear screams!
Steffi enjoys the ride very much too!
Look at Stacci's smiling face!  Kids below 6 years of age or below 110cm would need to ride tandem with an adult.

Thank you to Skyline Luge for extending the invite to the family again!  The kids says you guys rock and I think so too!

Wings Of Time 

Wings Of Time is only a few steps away from the Luge station.
We are damn S.L.O.W. when it comes to watching the latest shows etc but we managed to fit in an evening show for the Wings of Time after our Luge rides, courtesy of Sentosa Corporation.

This is one of the photo spots for taking selfies and group photos.  Near the entrance for the premium ticket holders.
Well, we were actually just expecting some laser shows and fireworks but never thought that there would actually be an avian show to keep the early crowd entertained. The performers also did manage to get the show going and the viewers engaged at the start and they got the kids singing along too.
Stacci was getting excited while waiting for the show to start.  We were obviously quite early.
We even had time to pose and take numerous selfies or groupies. 
You can hear wows when the Shahbaz appeared!  It was magnificent! 
The lights and water jets complimented each other visually.
And of course there were also awesome laser display that lit up the sky as well.
Albeit the fireworks were really short, it did brought about the wow factor in the grand finale. 
When the projection came on and Shahbaz (the bird thingy) came alive, you can hear the gasps and wows from kids and adults alike. We were then taken on a magically journey of two teenagers through time and space. The visual effects were spectacular, and the combined use of water, fire and laser were simply splendid. In short, it was a visual feast and kids would love it for sure! Mine did! 

Useful Information
There are only two shows daily, at 7.40pm and 8.40pm respectively and each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. Premium seat costs $23, while standard seats ticket costs $18 but locals get to purchase standard seats at $15.

You can find more information and also book the tickets directly online here.

So where else did we go the following weekend? We played Heroes in Spooky Jr. Halloween event at Port of The Lost Wonder!

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