Sunday, October 19, 2014

Razzle Dazzle U Picnic 2014 [Media Invite]

Look at the crowd at the picnic venue!
We got an invite to Razzle Dazzle U Picnic that took place on 04 Oct 2014 at West Coast Park, and accepted the invite without hesitation. For we had been to a few activities organized by NTUC already and we were never disappointed. However on the actual day, it rained so heavily that I was having second thoughts. It didn't helped that my wife had to go back office on that day too and I was left to my own devices with the 4 kids!  

One of the very few "family" photos taken at the event because I was simply too tired and wife had to work too!
But I took the chance anyway and even made it out with 4 kids to the Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest 2014 at The Meadow Gardens By The Bay, before heading to the picnic in the evening. Luckily for me, I had the help of a dear friend Jessie and her mom! There were potholes everywhere at the Chunkfest and every step would potentially turn one’s shoes brown with mud. Luckily I wore sandals but I could see many others who were not so lucky with their mud-caked shoes.

A nice photo of Steffi with the many stilt walkers at the event!
By the time I reached the picnic venue at around 6pm, many families were already there enjoying their picnic with their loved ones and having the snacks provided by the organizers. The picnic basket was really damn heavy lor, with all the goodies such as biscuits, nachos, seaweed and even a bottle of sparkling juice! Leroy had fun going through the basket and picking out his favorites, and even asked to have the picnic basket after use.

The fairy whose forte was making giant bubbles, much to the delight of the kiddos.
I had to be honest, I was already worn out by the time we settled down at the picnic location. Thus I was glad that I had the help of friends like Jessie and her mom who were with us the whole day, and Peigen and wife who happened to be there as well! The kids had fun playing with the “flying saucers” and posing with the many stilt walkers around. Met another fellow Daddy blogger, Collin Chow from Daddychow and the Spunky Kids too, who came over to our little patch purposely just to say hi to me and the kids! I was so tired that I forgot to take a photo!

Lucky for me, I got the help of a friend, Kelly who took care of little Louie!
The picnic was well-organized and orderly and thankfully the picnic ground wasn't muddy despite the heavy downpour in the morning! There were many activity booths at the perimeter of the picnic ground but I didn’t have the energy or the time to queue up for the activities. Missed the popcorns and cotton-candies as a result. I know these tastes better freshly made, but the organizers can consider to issue these with the picnic basket the next time. For people like me with too many kids to handle, hee hee…

Group event, flying the lighted saucers together!
Stilt walkers turned on their lights for even more photo taking after dark!
There were lots of family who were really “on” and were dressed up to the theme and even decorated their picnic spots. They were definitely deserving of the prizes that they won! As with all other events with lucky draws, we could see families moving off after the announcement of the lucky draw prizes but I heard the emcee announce something about a special treat. Hence we stayed back and we were in for a real treat! Those who stayed back were in for a visual treat when the organizers lighted the skies with fireworks!!! That, was a finale many would definitely remember.

For those of you who are looking forward to more fun activities for the family, do not miss the upcoming Mega Dance @ Azzura Beach Club, Siloso Beach, Sentosa on Sat, 22 Nov 2014!  Check out ticketing details here!

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