Friday, October 17, 2014

Safari Boo! A Merry-Not-Scary Kids Event [Media Invite]

Steffi, Leroy and Stacci went for their first ever trick-or-treating yesterday on the invitation from the good folks from WRS. They were excited and yet apprehensive as they didn't know what to expect. To be absolutely honest, so am I for this is my first time as well! Safari Boo is after all, the first ever Halloween Event at River Safari!

The very first ever Safari Boo!
The first time that the kids are in Halloween costumes!
The kids were given props and costumes to get into the theme and with all the staff decked in their Halloween attire as well, getting into the mood was easy. After some light refreshments, we were brought on a guided tour of River Safari by a popular doppelgänger, Cheery Potter!

Our guide for the evening, one named "Cheery Potter".
Is that Count Dracula?  Leroy wasn't too concerned...
Pirates!  Leroy always wanted to be one!
He got his wish, albeit for that few minutes only!
Didn't know there were pretty pirates too and even Stacci wanted to join in the photo!
The tour wasn't about scaring the kids with horror stories but is rather educational, with Potter explaining about the fish and invertebrates along the trail, while injecting a little "dark" humor. The kids were looking forward to meeting Kai Kai and Jia Jia but were told that the pandas were off work and need to rest. So do take note that the Giant Panda Forest, Squirrel Monkey Forest and boat rides will not be open during this special event.

Cheery Potter introducing the various fishes along the trail while the kids listened attentively.  
My little black riding hood complete with horns, posing with a Giant Mekong Catfish.
The kids got up close and personal with some creatures of the night in the River Talk: Myths & Legends animal presentation and also participated in the many Trick or Treat Challenges at the Panda Courtyard. Such as putting their tiny hands into covered boxed filled with animal remains and guessing what they were. They did get their well-deserved treats after trying though!

The place to get acquainted with some of the animals that are somewhat linked to Halloween.
The kiddos with Uncle Frankie and his pet owl.
And here's skeleton with his hedgehog.
And the witch with her dragon, a bearded dragon that is.
Stacci loves all the critters!!!
Some of the animal skulls that were on display.
At the other side of the Safari where the boat ride is, there were many mythical creatures such as unicorns, fairies, wizards and witches waiting to give out little treats to the kids in exchange for fulfilling their small requests, be it a little dance, promising to take care of Mother Nature or even just a smile. Kids would definitely be excited at meeting and taking photos with them.

They didn't get to meet the real deal, but are happy taking photos with the mascot nevertheless!
That's what trick-or-treating is all about isn't it?  Happy kids as usual!
The mystical unicorn with the two kiddos!
Yay, we got a group photo with the big Green Iguana too!
The finale of the trail would have to be Bubble Boo. Get a good seat and settle down with the kiddos in air-con comfort to watch the divers feed the manatees right in front of you. Be awed by their graceful swimming despite their humungous sizes. There are also lots of colorful Arapaimas too! At the end of the show, the divers would also unroll a nice poster for you to take lots of photos with. So get ready the flash, I didn’t… Darn…

Sitting down and watching the manatees and other fishes swimming by is soothing for the senses.  But this marked the end of Safari Boo! Boo hoo...
If you are already planning to go to the River Safari for a visit, I would strongly suggest doing so on the days that that Safari Boo is on. Not only would you get 3 extra hours of visit, the kids would definitely enjoy the experience of trick-or-treating in the park as well! And for someone like myself who has 4 kids, I would probably consider going for just the Safari Boo event at $15/adult as I get to bring all the kids in for FREE! But do note that NO Giant Pandas during the event hor. The dates for Safari Boo are 22, 25, 26 Oct as well as 1 and 2 Nov only! So do hurry and check out the official website for more information now, before it’s too late!

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