Saturday, June 13, 2015

ACT 3 International Workshop: Jelly, Wobble!

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Woohoo! The kiddos were invited to the arts workshop by Act 3 International late last month, named "Jelly, Wobble!". I have totally no idea what it was all about, except that it must be about some jello thingy. But having brought the kiddos to a similar holiday program last June, I knew that I would not want to miss it, for the kiddos had so much fun then!

The happy kiddos met their friend from Bubba Mamma at the workshop too!
The workshop this time round was no different from the previous run in successfully engaging the kiddos through drama, art and craft and dance. Even my usually introverted Stacci opened up and participated actively in the various activities. This had got something to do with the wonderful performers who knew how to handle kids. I know, because I had seen for myself how one of the staff managed to placate a child who refused to join in the session and it was a happy ending for all!

The kiddos were divided into groups to take part in the group activities before rotating with the others.
The boys were so happy with their colorful but unpalatable muffins, meant for the birthday princess.
Here's happy Stacci with her offerings for the 89 years old Princess Lolly! 
Here's Princess Lolly throwing her royal tantrums when she didn't get her birthday cake.
In the workshop, the kids were taught how to make muffins and presents for Princess Lolly who happened to throw a royal party for her 89th birthday. She may be 89 but she sure looked much younger and pretty agile for her age! The kids were also given a crash course on a dance performance for the party. Oh yes, towards the end of the class, there was really a jelly that didn't wobble till everyone said please. Am proud that the kiddos were able to follow the instructions and seemed really happy!

Princess Lolly is feeling so much happier after getting all her pressies as well as her birthday cake!
Act 3 International offers a wide range of drama workshops for kids aged 7 months (with parents) to 15 during this June holiday and I am sure that the classes would encourage participation and instil a sense of confidence to all the participants. For more information on the programs offered, you may wish to visit their website here.

Stacci wanted to draw on the wall too as we left the place but needed a lift from a very helpful staff!
Steffi was free to express her creativity and thanks.
So she drew a pretty picture of Princess Lolly and herself and expressed her love for her royal highness as well.
P/S: The kiddos were invited to the workshop but I wasn't paid la. Anyway all opinions and photos are mine hor.

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