Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Barney’s Jukebox Party ‘Live’ On Stage & Cookie Art Session

[Media Invite]

The kiddos took a class photo first before starting the session.
The kiddos were invited back to City Square Mall last weekend to take part in a cookie art session together with Barney! This session allows kiddos from the age of four up, to decorate their own dinosaur cookies with the different colored icing, candies and chocolate buttons as well. Al the kiddos need is their imagination and help is always nearby if required! Spent a minimum of $100* at the mall to redeem for one of the 40 exclusive passes per day. There is only one session at 2.30 daily (except Mondays) and the activity will only be up till 21 June 2015. So hurry if you intend to go down to the mall!

There are baking classes available for the little ones to sign up too.
Left the kiddos in the good hands of the organizers.
Wow, Leroy can actually be very focused on getting his cookie done just right.
Steffi's creation was full of pastel shades which she liked. 
Holding up her cookies for me while her eyes were fixated on them! She told me she wanted to eat them up immediately!
My Leroy with his T-Rex which he insisted I keep and eat.
My littlest Stacci with her loot from the class too.
One look and you will know she had gotten some help.
What? You mean cannot eat ah?
And we definitely wouldn't be leaving the mall without catching Barney and friend in their Jukebox Party! This time round, we managed to secure a seat at Milk N Honeys on level 2 and got ourselves birdseye views instead. It was two cups of yogurt well spent as we need not have to squeeze with the rest of the enthusiastic kids and their accompanying parents! The performance is free but you need to spend a minimum of $60* to redeem a pass for the Meet and Greet session and a carnival ticket one hour prior to each show. Limited to 50 sets per show.

Look at that crowd on the weekend we were there! You will need to "chope" your places early if you want good views.
Of course we needed the compulsory meet and greet with the dinos!
The kids took quite a while, hugging and saying goodbyes. The staff had to chase them down the stage.
So what do you do with the carnival ticket? Well, there is Good Ole Fun In The Park happening at Level 1 City Green park where the kiddos can take part in the various games and activities such as merry-go-round, pirate ship, bouncing castle slide and even bumper cars! All these from 6pm - 10pm daily till 28 June. The activities start earlier at 12pm on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays though. As you can see, there are more than enough activities at the mall to keep the little ones occupied this June holidays! For more details, check out the poster here!

Stacci watching Leroy from the perimeter.
Happy boy doing boy's stuff. Riding the bumper car.
The kiddos finally go to ride the mall train (separate ticket purchase) after bugging me for so long! 
Happy kiddos!
Only Steffi dared to take the pirate ship, while the other two waited and showed their support.
Stacci wanted to play the slide, but ended up stuck at the top because she dared not slide down and needed rescue from a kind staff.
So happy, until she got to the top!
We were invited to the cookie art and meet and greet session by the nice folks from City Square Mall. All opinions and photos are mine and no monetary compensation was received.

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