Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jurong Bird Park also have #SG50

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Doesn't this dragon look familiar? #SG50 it is!
It was many years ago since I last visited Jurong Bird Park and my memories of it is rather hazy. I am more of an animal's person, rather than an avian person and I had never brought the kids to the park yet due to the travelling distance. Our family finally visited the park over one weekend on the invite of the park, and although the intention was to do a half-day visit followed by another appointment in the afternoon, we ended up staying till over 5pm.

That was because besides the usual bird exhibits, visitors to the park during this June holidays will also be in for a treat, as there will be fun retro games booths scattered throughout the park in celebration of #SG50!

Do note though, that the booths are only open during weekends between 10am - 4pm.

The kids trying pick-up sticks for the first time and it is definitely not as easy as it looks!
But they still ended up as happy kids with their tikam tickets!
Next up, five stones.
Steffi having a go at it.
One look and we can see who is enthusiastic and who is the grumpy one.
But Leroy ended up being the independent one who insisted on cutting out the shapes on his own.
The kids with their finished art pieces!
Steffi playing the game that boys of my generation should all know and that is Hantam Bola!
The kiddos pitting their skills at Kuti Kuti with the kor kor and jie jie.
They went multiple times, just to try to win them and get more Tikam tickets.
Do you know Chapteh? Well, the kids just learnt!
The prized Tikam tickets that the kids got for completing the different game stations.
This is the place where they exchange the tickets for chances at the sure-win Tikam Tikam.
Sorting out the prizes for the kiddos!
Look at their prize haul! Besides getting to play, they got prizes to keep or eat as well!
There is also Kampong Stories happening at the Waterfall Aviary Terrace at 1.30pm on weekends. The story happens to be about Sang Nila Utama and the legend of the founding of Singapore.
My brave Steffi volunteered to get on stage and perform with the others!
And a parting shot at the end of the performance.
Here's the giant Snakes N Ladders board game near the Birds of Play!
The girls couldn't resist a game, or two in this case.
When the kids saw the water playground, they took to it like fish to water and had a splashing good time. With all these activities going on at the park, a full day is barely enough. For us, we decided to let the kids dictate the playtime this time round and we ended up missing quite ALL the bird shows and lots of exhibits. I guess we can always revisit another day, but at least they were truly happy for the whole day!

Leroy going after Steffi with his water cannon!
Slides are fun for sure!
Steffi doing the (ice) bucket challenge!
Tandem slides!
 A cheeky pose from the cheeky boy!
There are only 2 more weekends left before the end of June, before Good Ol' Games and the rest of the activities will be discontinued. As such, you might want to bring the whole family down before that especially if you already had intentions to visit the park. June will be the best time for grandparents above 60 this year gets free entry and the kiddos gets to enjoy so many different games too!

Do visit Jurong Bird Park's website for more information!

The family was invited to Jurong Bird Park for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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