Saturday, June 13, 2015

Trendy Haruhonpo Bags in Town

[Review + Giveaway]

Haruhonpo bags in Taiwan departmental store. 
Haruhonpo or 小晴天本舖 is a brand of bag that's currently the rage in Taiwan. Go take a look at their website and you will see that many of their bags are already out of stock! Although it is marketed as a "媽媽包" (bag for mothers), the colors and designs are really trendy and would still look great on teens or young adults. I even found a black haversack in solid black that I wouldn't mind carrying too! *Hint* Besides being known for its softness and ease in carrying, the bag is well compartmentalized and that's really great for packing the essentials for travelling with young children, which could mean a lot of stuff actually!

The range of bags are available now at level 4, Takashimaya! Check out those cute kiddo backpacks in matching colors!
Haruhonpo range consists of 3 different sizes of backpacks and handbags, as well as a kids series in a variety of different sizes and colors, but they all utilize the same type of soft and water-resistant fabric from Japan.

Look what the happy girls got for themselves! Matching bags!

Matching bags in candylicious colors! These bags really feels comfortable to carry!
The Classic Handbag ($151) consists of an additional 3 items within. A big pouch, an insulated thermal pouch and a removable strap as well. There are also a lot of compartments for everything you need to bring out.
This is especially useful. I had ever spent a lot of time outside the house because of the wife having to rummage through her "alibaba" handbag for the house keys. With this, no need to worry anymore and it can be used to secure baby's pacifier too!
The Traveler Backpack ($151) also consist of an additional strap, big pouch and a insulated thermal pouch.
A good sized pouch for you to keep stuffs that you want warm or cold. I would imagine freezing some fruits to bring along for picnics perhaps. 
Backpack also have this useful clip!
Wife loves the handbag for the numerous pockets where she can keep her hair bands, wet wipes, diapers, tissue packs, plasters and whatever nots. And as for Steffi, which little girl could resist carrying matching backpacks with mommy? She loves the bright colors and the material as well! Now that my girls are happy with their selections, we would also like to share one classic handbag in candy yellow (worth over $151) with you as well! All you need is to follow the simple steps below -

Giveaway Instructions

Classic Handbag ($151) up for grabs!
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Don't miss the big range of bags available at Takashimaya now till 17 June 2015 only!
Giveaway ends at 2359 hrs on 17 June 2015. You can also head down to Takashimaya level 4 where the bags are on display and feel the bags for yourself! Don't miss the 15% off promotion for all the bags happening now too and if you fancy any bags you see on their website, or requires further information, you can drop the local sales representative an email at


  1. Nice! I have the same bag! :D Muahaha! Preparing for motherhood I guess... in 2 years' time? XD

  2. I like it a lot for its bright colourful and oh-so-rainbow! Brighten up my days.


  3. I love the Haruhonpo bag as the colors is vibrant, kawaii and shouts out happiness! Having this bag with compartments, water proof and what more soft, its everything a mummy of two like me needs and will always be a handy-mandy bag! A really cool looking bag cum diaper bag with all the essentials for my little ones :) I love the matching thermal pouch, and the clip which u mentioned that we can hang our keys or pacifiers or anything important and we do not have to rummage through the bag (i always do that - the pacifier always gets lost :P) To me, the Haruhonpo bag is simply Heavenly, Awesome, Radiant, Unique, Happy, Out of this world, Novel and Nice, Perfect and Outstanding! :)

  4. OMG!!! I love at first sight the moment I saw from your Facebook. I hope I can have it because I like the lovely vibrant colours and the many compartments which are what I looking for in a bag as I like and would bring a lot of stuff out whenever I bring my PrincezzMonsters & that is what I put as one of my condition when looking for a bag.

  5. I love the Haruhonpo bag because of it's vibrant and cheerful colour that could bring one smile to each and every person whenever seeing the bag. A handy yet multipurpose bag, allowing us to put many essential items in the bag, bringing its conveniency to a high level ! Waterproof and light, a secure and matching one with parent-child, helps to improve their relationships & happiness bond between them! A unique useful bag will definitely be a comfortable and great experience with while using it ! <3
    Definitely a thumbs up (:

  6. What I love about the Haruhonpo bag is its wide compartments and pockets, i love that I can place my stuff separately inside the bag for instant organization. Not to mention that I also love the blending of the colors - it gives a hip and happy aura to the one carrying it.

  7. I love the color, compartments and the size :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this mummy bag. To me a bag need to be pretty, soft and light. Haruhonpo bag meet all the requirement. And after you blogged about this, I bought one backpack! I love it because it is so gentle on my shoulder even i put many things inside. Definitely would like to get a free one if possible. *giggle*