Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swensen's Garden Kid's Meal

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Happy times at Swensen's ION!
It's no secret that our family loves going to Swensen's for our meals, especially the kiddos who loves their submarine cardboard boxes and sundaes. With one outlet at AMK Hub, it is really convenient for our family and it helps that the kid's meals are also reasonably priced at $9.90. 

New kid's menu and new ice-cream selection!
Yup, we are gonna to try the new Chick 'N' Rice!
Swensen's had only recently refreshed it's kid's menu with two new additions to the main course and our family was invited for the food tasting. The two new items were namely Chick 'N' Rice (grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and rice) and Beef 'N' Rice (grilled beef with vegetable and rice). Iced Milo was also added as a new beverage option and the meal now comes served in a colorful garden box with "pop out" cartoon characters in a garden setting. Although the receptacle that contained the main course looked very much like an inflight meal, the teriyaki chicken meat was tender and definitely tasted way better! Leroy loved the Chick 'N' Rice and rice and so did Stacci!

Steffi can't help but dig into the food with her spade!
The food is served in a beautiful garden box that we actually brought back home to place our new pots! 
But what really caught our eyes, was the new sundae called Milo Ice-Cream Dirt Pot (at an additional $3.90) which comes served in a plastic pot with a spade as the serving spoon! I must tell you it looked so much like soil in a real pot of plant, that my wife simply refused to even try! It was really cute and I loved the milo ice-cream so much that I pretty much finished the pot on my own! You can bring back the pot and spade and upcycle it by using it for your houseplant. After our last terrarium experience, this would be a wonderful kit to start he kiddos on gardening too!

Why that look Steffi?
Aha, a worm in our dessert! Waiter!!!!!
Swensen's Kids Menu

So with the addition of the two new kids mains, Swensen's now have the following 6 different mains for the kiddos to choose from!
Beef ‘N’ Rice: Grilled beef and fresh veggies served a bed of rice with corn-in-cup.
Chick ‘N’ Rice: Grilled chicken and teriyaki sauce served on a bed of rice with corn-in-cup.
Cheesy Omelette: Omelette filled with creamy fries and corn-in-cup.
Chick ‘N’ Fries: Breaded chicken corn-in-cup.

Fish ‘N’ Chippies: Fish fillet, fries and corn-in-cup.
Spaghetti Twirlies: Spaghetti in meaty chicken sauce with corn-in-cup.

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