Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Interplay: Where Science meets Arts

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What? You don't know about Interplay?
The June school holidays barely started but I already felt my old bones aching from all the activities that the kids got to enjoy over the past few days! So what exactly did we do these few days? For a start, we visited the newest exhibit at The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore, called “Interplay” last Fri at its launch.

When Interplay first opened to visitors.
Going to Science Centre meant taking a 1-hr bus/mrt ride from Ang Mo Kio to Jurong East and squeezing in with 1/3 of Singapore’s population. Okay lah, maybe I exaggerated a little, but then hor going out with 3 kids and a pram via public transport is also no joke lor. It was really a gamble I took, but it paid off.

Sandbox Ocean: One can pile on the sand to create mountains or dig deep to create sea trenches and the respective colors will be reflected in real-time! 
Wave your hands around and the creatures will pop up!
This is one of the kiddos' favorite exhibits.
So what was the exhibition all about? Personally to me, it was the use of digital technology in presenting "Art" with the interpretation left to the one experiencing it. But to the kids, it was all about the interactive play, that ranged from the pressing of buttons, welding of guns, painting e-graffiti over our e-photos to even sand play. You need to see, touch and feel the exhibits!

AR-muse: Watch art come to life through the special Augmented Reality app.
One can also play games as well!
Temporal Distortion: Five-screen video installation that captures and warps, in real-time, the movement of participants who pass by,
Well, the kids had fun finding out how weird they looked!
The exhibition area is not big and 21 exhibits doesn't sound like much, However our family spent a full 2.5 hours there with the kiddos free to explore where ever they liked in safe environment, and staying over at their favorite exhibits for as long as they liked! It was a great evening of fun and learning for them for sure. The return journey home took us another full hour, but the fun and the smiles on the kiddos were well worth the trip.

Getting ready for photo to be taken!
Leroy having a go at painting graffiti over their digital photo.
Got Steffi to clean up his mess and write "My Family" instead.
Tada! And we got a very nice photo printout to bring back home!
We did one more as a family and Steffi had fun painting all over us!
What? Charlie's Angels? Shadowgram: Getting creative with your poses and having your shadows captured and printed.
Get it printed once you are satisfied with the result!
The special printer that prints the shadows out on sticker paper.
Here's how it looks after you peel off the shadow sticker.
After you have your shadows printed, you can find your own spot to paste them on!
This temporary exhibition, which is a collaboration between Science Centre Singapore and ARS ELECTRONICA will only last 2.5 months from 30 May - 16 Aug 2015. Check out the official website for more details.

Game Border: An interactive installation with game consoles over the years where one gets to actually control the character from one game to the next! I had fun playing the different games and some are not as easy as it looks!
A Matter Of Factory: An art piece that explores the question of industrialization. Adults will have to ponder over that while kids will just be entertained by the moving graphics of cute "sausage dogs". 

Useful Information

Exhibition Dates: 30 May - 16 Aug 2015
Location: Annexe, Science Centre
Typical time required: 1hr - 1.5hr
Admission Charges: $13 (Adults/Senior Citizens) and $9 (Kids aged 3-12) / $36 (Combo for 2 adults & 2 Kids)

P/S We were invited to the launch of the exhibition. All opinions and photos are mine.  No other monetary compensation was received.

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