Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cuddled Baby, Happy Baby

There may be a difference between the touch of a mother and that of a father.  Mothers tend to be gentler and their touch may be more soothing for the baby whereas a father may be more playful and physical.  However, both types of touch are beneficial, and of importance for the baby's development.  A word of caution though, sometimes gentle rocking may be a way to calm down a crying baby but it is hard to toe the line between gently rocking and actually shaking the baby (which may cause serious permanent damage).

The bond between a mother and the baby started long before birth and is further strengthened by constant touch and cuddles after that.  A father can only try to play catch up by being more hands in the caring of the baby and that's what I am trying to do!  I ain't losing out to mommy on this! 

Time flies, little Steffi was just a baby then but look at her now!  Enjoy all the cuddling and pampering of your baby for now!
In our family, parents are not be the only family members in the house as there are 3 more doting elder siblings who cannot wait to cuddle little Louie too!  Perhaps they find little Louie a novelty, but I would like to think that the kids enjoy the physical closeness too.   

Elder sisters, Steffi and Stacci giving Louie all the loving!  Look at his reaction!
Our family thrive on hugs and kisses, and the one thing I look forward to after a long day at work, would be to open the door, and receive the hugs and kisses from all the 3 kiddos one at a time.  Can’t wait for Louie to do the same, but I guess I shall enjoy carrying him, and enjoying his special baby “smell” for now.  Bliss to say the least!

Elder brother Leroy, enjoying his home photo shoot with Louie!  The start of a lifelong sibling bond.
There are so many things to worry about when taking care of a baby’s needs, but the one thing that I can take safely take my mind off worrying about, and that is Louie’s diapering needs.  Louie had been using Pampers Baby Dry for 2 weeks now, and we are all pleased with the results so far!  The special wetness indicator (only available for Newborn size) made it a breeze to check if his diapers needed a change.

Special words of thanks to Pampers Singapore for the product sponsorship and do visit their official website here for more product information!

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