Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Diapering Adventure with Louie

How time flies! Little Louie is already 1 mth and 3 days old and that meant that our confinement lady had already left us for 3 days. I wonder how we got through the first 3 kids without one!

One month old Louie cosplaying as a snail.
My wife needed to run errands this evening and I was tasked to look over Louie and Stacci.  I thought it was an easy job as they were sleeping but unfortunately Louie woke up moments later and needed feeding.  Although I have 3 older kids, I totally have no idea on his feeding habit and had to ring the wife for help on the amount to feed.

Anyway I am paiseh to say that today is the first time I bottle feed my Louie.   As I was bottle feeding him, I heard sounds of engagement and bombardment in his diapers and I remembered why I don't really like feeding infants.  Great, today shall not only be the first time I feed Louie, but the first time I change his diapers as well.

I found everything required for the diaper change within the baby playpen.  The wet wipes, nappy rash ointment and diapers!  Tip 1, always keep the necessities within reach.  That would reduce crying time, be it the baby's or yours. 

Keep the things close, but maybe not as close as the photo shows, as older babies may be able to grab stuff already.
Louie got angrier by the minute as but before I got to actually change his diapers, my wife came back and took over the job!  Tip 2 for daddies, a helpful and accommodating wife is godsend, no joke! (watch video below)  I delayed my virgin diaper changing for Louie, but not that I am scared though. 

With regular diaper changing, application of nappy rash ointment after every change, and the reliability of overnight urine absorption of Pampers (thank you for the sponsorship!), we managed to keep Louie's bottoms pretty (no rashes, touch wood) and us sane!

Find more information on Pampers in their official website.

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