Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Movie Date with the Family - Premiere Screening of Godzilla 2014

The family managed to snag a pair of tickets to the premiere screening of Godzilla 2014 at Shaw Lido yesterday evening.  This time round, me and my wife decided to try bringing both Leroy and Stacci for the show, while leaving Steffi and Louie at home since Steffi doesn't really fancy movies with monsters or paranormal activities.

The first thing that caught our eyes at the premiere was the "real" Godzilla hanging around! How can we miss taking a photo with it? Leroy had fun posing with the Kaiju but Stacci was kinda scared and ensured her eyes were on it. Funny thing is she waved goodbye to it when it's time to watch the show.
Stacci was apprehensive of the person in latex, but waved goodbye non the less.
Leroy asked me in the cinema hall if Godzilla is the bad guy and I answered him with a confident "Yes", while remembering bits and pieces of the 1998 American version. After watching the show, I must say that my perception of the famous creature has changed and I had to re-clarify my earlier stand with Leroy.

Leroy getting all excited and happy even before the show and bombarded me with questions on Godzilla!
Throughout the show I had to answer 1001 questions from Leroy relating to nuclear meltdowns, animal anatomy and procreation. Amid all the questioning, there was not a single sound from Stacci, who looked as if her eyes were glued on the big screen until I removed her 3D spectacles halfway through the show to find her sleeping.

Personally I loved the depiction of Godzilla in this reboot. He looked pretty much the same from the Japanese original and far better than the American iguana. The storyline revolves round the life of a soldier and I actually felt quite sad at various points in the show, for different characters. There were obviously many scenes of massive destruction of epic proportions and actions aplenty.

Still awestruck by Avatar in 3D, my wife wasn't too impressed with the movie's 3D effect though, which was understandable. She doesn't really fancy reptiles and felt that it was rather boring so I guess this is not her cup of tea.

Leroy on the other hand, asked me if he can watch the Godzilla again when he gets home, even as we were making our way out of the cinema. He truly enjoyed the show and stayed awake throughout, probably irritating the other moviegoers within earshot with his incessant questionings!

That's Leroy when asked if he liked the movie!!!
Verdict: I wouldn't have complained even if I paid for the show and the storytelling was great. The kids would enjoy the show and the actions as well, at least my Leroy did!  Go watch it! 

It is not very often that one gets to go movie premieres except maybe if you are from the media or know of people working in the media.  For people like me, I take part in contests and giveaways and keep my fingers crossed.  You may wish to follow the Facebook pages of major cinemas groups such as Shaw or Golden Village.  Sharing this would probably dilute my chances next time but anyway the contest by MoovieSpy is where I got my premiere tickets from.  So all the best and good luck to all next time!

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