Monday, May 19, 2014

Power Up! Essence of Chicken by Eu Yan Sang (Review)

Two weeks back, I brought Steffi, Stacci and Leroy to a media invite by Eu Yan Sang for their new range of Essence of Chicken for children called "Power Up!".  The kiddos were treated to some delicious milkshakes that used some of the same herbs that were used in the chicken essence as well.  I initially thought they mixed chicken essence into the milkshake but it was really a sweet introduction to the herbs for the kids.  The sweetness worked I guess.

The kiddos enjoyed the coloring exercise while the adults listened to the introduction.
I tried all 3 different flavors, with my favorite being the milkshake with Wolfberries (super sweet though), while the kids enjoyed the coconut-flavored shakes.  The last flavor, green tea flavor wasn't that well-received by the family though.

Steffi and Stacci really enjoying the milkshakes!
When they brought in the yellow monster mascot named "Whizzy", it drove the kids crazy and they couldn't keep their hands off the mascot!  Whizzy even sat down obligingly with the kids and had a few rounds of "scissors, paper, stones" with them and wasn't allowed to leave until after the compulsory group photo with my kids was taken.  That made the kids' day!

Whizzy the mascot entertaining the kids!
There are a total of 3 different variants in the "Power Up!" series.  The one in yellow box is the 100% original (no herbs, pure chicken), meant for better Concentration, orange box (with Wolfberries, Beiqi and Beihe extract) for better Vision while the blue box (with Dangshen, Huaishan and Fuling extract) for better Appetite.

The 3 different types of chicken essence for kids, each with it's special properties!
Eu Yan Sang had kindly sponsored a box of essence each for the kiddos after the event and they had  been taking them regularly for the 2 weeks.  Steffi did not like them initially, but had now grown to love Power Up! Vision, while Stacci the little glutton loves all of them right from the start!  The extreme would be Leroy, who will not budge despite any amount of cajoling.

I tried the bottle that Leroy refused flatly and with 100% zero additives (which is GOOD), I must say that although the chicken essence tasted a tad bland, it should be quite readily acceptable for a child.  However there is a tinge of bitter aftertaste in the Power Up! Appetite (blue box) when I tried a sip and kids may need a little getting use to.  

Leroy would never touch the chicken essence no matter what and he didn't even try it at all!
I guess every child's palate is different and I was actually pleasantly surprised that Steffi and Stacci loved the chicken essence.  Leroy refused to try the chicken essence no matter how hard I tried.  Maybe I should try to find some recipes online that uses chicken essence so as to mask the chicken essence!

Those who knows my kids, know that they are quite picky with food and are not growing up as well as we would like them too.  Hence I was hoping that the chicken essence would give them the additional supplement in the form of protein and herbs to help them grow.  Do you know that kids need about 0.5g of protein for every 0.5kg they weigh?

One very important thing that sets the Power Up! range apart from others is that it is 100% pure chicken WITHOUT any additives such as caramel, salt, sugar, fat, cholesterol or preservatives at all!  It is specially formulated for children 2 years up, rich in protein and easily digestible.  Go ahead, read the labels of your favorite brands, I did. 

It may be almost 100% essence but there is still additives in the form of caramel in other brands.
Am hopeful that this is the right supplement for the kiddos this time round and that they will grow taller and put on more weight.  Meanwhile, Power Up! can be purchased at Eu Yan Sang Singapore online shop here.  Go check it out and good health to everyone!

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