Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leroy Displaced His Front Incisor

Leroy must have watched far too many Spiderman and Xmen movies.  He had a swell time playing with his cousins last Sunday, so much so that his left face swelled as well after he face-fxxkxd a box during play on Sunday.

I am usually not too bothered by his wailing as he was known to cry over small matters.  However it sounded different this time round and he was crying more "enthusiastically" without stop.  He ran out of the room after a while and shouted hysterically
"我的牙齿歪了!" (my front tooth was slanted).  That caught me by surprise.

I examined his tooth and it was indeed slanted towards the back a little due to the force. He was also bleeding from the side of his lips. I brought him to the nearest dentist and asked the dental assistant if the dentist could just have a look at his injuries so that I can decide on the next course of action and how she responded made my blood boil.

She pointed to the queue in the clinic and said, "can't you see there is a queue?" Or something to the effect but I "LL" suck thumb as it was the only dental clinic within walking distance.  Fuming inside, I just "lun" and tried explaining again that I only needed to know what to do, after the dentist have a look at him and she later relented.

The dentist barely had a glance at Leroy and simply said that the teeth needs to be extracted as his tooth had broken.  At that point in time, I was thinking that it might be in Leroy's best interest that I follow his recommendation. I asked the assistant how long the wait would be and she said we can go home and wait for her call.

Luckily for the wait, cause when I got home my wife had already googled for similar cases and was quite surprised that the recommendation was extraction without much of a glance at Leroy.  We decided against extraction and my wife brought him to see another dentist the next day.

She walked the entire Ang Mo Kio central on Monday and found the dental business booming.  Clinics were either not willing to see kids or simply did not wish to take in any walk-ins.  Eventually my wife managed to find a new clinic beside AMK Hub that was willing to take Leroy.  

According to my wife, the dentist was absolutely patient and understanding.  He examined Leroy's tooth and concluded that the pain he felt was from his bruised gums and that the tooth was still firmly rooted.  He even declined payment but my wife felt bad and got him to do polishing for Leroy.

Leroy with his legs propped up on the dentist chair.  Can see that he really hated dental treatment of any sorts!
Well it could be because the clinic was new and thus the dentist was much more service-oriented and definitely more accommodating.  As for the first clinic that I brought Leroy to, the dental assistance seems to be the wife of the dentist and spoke in a condescending tone to everyone.  My hard-earned money won't be lining their pockets ever again!   

Meanwhile thank goodness for the Doctor Teo!  Leroy can continue to make his faces in front of the camera without the hole in front.  I will also make an appointment to see the friendly doc for my own filling, one fine day, really soon.  My wife added that he is rather young and good-looking too, eye-candy for the ladies maybe? 

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