Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fun Shoot @ Studio Me

My wife was lucky to win a photo shoot package by Studio Me for her mom in their Mother's Day Facebook contest.  So yesterday evening, the whole family including my MIL made our way down to City Square Mall for the fun shoot.

Super buay tahan Leroy and his antics!
I had brought along my camera with intention to take photos and videos of the process but the 30mins studio package passed so fast that I didn't even manage to take a single photo at all.

Grandma enjoying the photo session with her grandchildren.
There are two rooms in the studio and it was rather like a NEO print machine, just much larger.  Everything's pretty much DIY, you just press a button, count to 5 seconds and smile while standing in a green backdrop.  All the while, you can see in real time (on a big display) how your photo will turn out to be.  But don't do poses that are too weird, as the staff do see the photos at the reception in real time too.  We knew, cause she walked in to tell us that a chair was blocking the view (and we had no idea!). 

See that chair on the bottom left of the photo? It was in 15 out of 60 of our photos!
My MIL and the kids enjoyed the session very much and we thought we took a lot of photos, but in reality, we only took 60 photos throughout the entire session.  After we finished the session and walked to the reception, the staff looked at me and said, "your boy a lot of pattern hor?"  Upon checking the photos back home, I now know why...

I only compiled a few of his photos and already can see got so much pattern.
Maybe we would consider a return trip for more family photos when Louie grows bigger!  After all, we only tried one set of backdrops out of their many.  We did manage to get one or two nice family shoot this time but I know we would be better prepared the next time round. 

One of the better-looking photos.
I thought Stacci and Leroy looked really happy in this photo.


  1. i love neoprint machines! hahaha! i'll go check this out. 30mins, 60 shots is not bad!

    1. Come to think of it, a photo every 2 minutes is not too bad after all. Quite cheap too, when compared to the Neoprint stickers as we do get all the soft copies back. Have fun Mabel!