Saturday, May 24, 2014

Louie' Baby Shower and Hair Shaving

Louie’s baby shower took place on Sat, 10 May and many of our colleagues, family and friend joined us for the celebration.  This is probably our last baby shower and we are thankful to everyone for taking precious time off in attending our little party.  Some of them had even attended all 4 of our baby showers and I was really quite paiseh about the four baby shower invites over less than 7 years. 

A photo montage of some of our fun-loving colleagues, family and friends!  Thank you so much for turning up!
Anyway we went with Neo Garden Catering for our buffet again, since we have had good experience booking with them for the past 3 baby showers and our guest were really quite happy with the food.  The company was kind enough to throw in some freebies for the family, such as the decorations and ang ku kueh as it was our FOURTH time.  
The buffet came with complimentary decorations and balloons courtesy of Neo Garden Catering.
The kids (except for maybe Leroy) loved the bears and the balloons but it was a pity that the bears had to be returned though.
The one thing I am really scared of being the host, is having not enough food for the guests.  But without fail, after every baby shower I would be eating the same buffet food for the next few days due to over-ordering.  This time, it was no exception and I still have the dessert in my fridge.

Yesterday marked the 40th day Louie had been with us, and we finally arranged for the hair shaving for him (I forgotten about making an arrangement on his full month).  We are getting Huaxia Taimaobi, the company which had Zoe Tay as their ambassador, to make brushes with his hair just like we did for his 3 older siblings. 

Louie before and after the haircut.  Looks like a little China baby doesn't he?
We got a very patient and friendly sales representative named Gracee this time.  She knew how much parents likes documenting the process through photo and video-taking and was very obliging.  She even gave Louie a Mohawk cut before shaving off everything.  How cool is that?  

We even got time to photo him in his Mohawk hairstyle before he is finally shaved bald.
When we had our firstborn Steffi, we felt that it would be a GREAT idea to make the brush and umbilical cord stamp to mark the special occasion and to keep.  And we did it with the best material we could afford then.  Fast forward 3 more births, it is no longer that affordable for us now lol.  It cost us just under $500 for the better quality wood of the brush, as well as for the umbilical cord stamp.  Not exactly cheap but make great mementos I guess, and also because I cannot possibly NOT do these for Louie only.

This is how Louie looks like now, with his clean shaven look and with all his hair behind.

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